3 - Half Term Holidays

The half term holidays have arrived at last! The children are thrilled! Life is different; some will be travelling abroad while others will be staying in Maisons-Laffitte. What will they all do with their spare time ? Edition : Les Sentes.

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... Madelaine will go to Belgium to be with her family, Adnan and Mounia will fly to Morocco, whilst Cécilie and Ambre will take the road to Norway. As for Yasmine, Shania and Victor they'll stay in Maisons-Laffitte, where surprises are waiting for them ...


The publishing house 

Specializing in literature for youngsters, mixing simple stories for the very youngest through to novels for pre-teens, « Les Sentes » was set up in October 2008.

Our publishing house, based on quality, focusses on the harmony within its team to create consistent stories, to awaken children's curiosity, ginving them the pleasure of reading and introducing them to a foreign language.

  • Age : 7
  • Nombre de pages : 84
  • Numéro : 3

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