2 - Tippy and You

An autumn morning, your hear knocking on the window... who's making that noise? It's Tipi, your friend: he came back as he promised you. Edition : Les Sentes.

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  • 6,10 € TTC

The publishing house 

Specializing in literature for youngsters, mixing simple stories for the very youngest through to novels for pre-teens, « Les Sentes » was set up in October 2008.

Our publishing house, based on quality, focusses on the harmony within its team to create consistent stories, to awaken children's curiosity, ginving them the pleasure of reading and introducing them to a foreign language.

  • Age : 3
  • Hauteur : 15
  • Largeur : 15
  • Nombre de pages : 20
  • Numéro : 2

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